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Spartans on the game.

Green Vs Yellow Cast members from the Videos and Stories, Based on all of the Green team, Yellow team, and Other people in it. Here is the Green and Yellow and Others:

Green Team EditEdit

Donut: Retared, Funny one. Flame: Cool, Smart one. Doctor: Weird, isnt really a doctor. Metal: Tough, Strong One. Andy: Weak, Small Spartan. Simpsion: Not very cool, also Smart. Grif: Serious, Cool. LT H.A.W: Awkward, Gangster. Text:Technical with Phones and Stuff, Alright. Jack: Girly Spartan (Even though hes a guy) Sometimes is Retared. Kate: Only Girl, Hangs out with Shila a lot. Snake: Action Dude, 2nd Best on the Team (First is Griff) Miller: Very athletic, Sometimes weird. and last one: Jole: Funniest one, does magic, soemtimes Retarted.

Yellow Team EditEdit

Arbiter: Leader of Yellow Team, Bossy a lot, Friends with Darren (Kind of) Darren: Funny Grunt, Messes up from time to time, Silly and Retarted. Kaboose: Weird, Sometimes Demented like Donut. Bryan: The Leader of the Jackels, Smart and Intelligent and friends with Arbiter. Trey: Disgusting, Has no friends, Wants to quite but can't.Exploding Chiken: Funniest of them all, Dies in 2792 defending Arbiter. Yoshi: Likes to play Yoshi Island, Weird dude. GodZilla: Biggest one of them all, Tough and nothinf beats him. Zetec: Smart one, always listens to Arbiter and is the creator of Zelot Base. Tree: Odd one, Loves nature and is married to a Bush. Sposh: Water dude, Loves Water, Plays in Water well says Water alot. Gown: Third Grunt, Doesnt really understand Earth. Taco:Small Spider, Loves TACOS. And the last one Brick: Cool one, sometimes weird.

Other People in Green Vs Yellow EditEdit

Lt. Jake: Not a spartan yet, training become on the Green Team, Funny and cool one. Shila: Loves hanging out with Kate, Likes girly stuff, like Jack. Tank: Strong Guy, training to become a Green Member, Like Lt Jake is. And Michal: elenven year old who wants to be a Spartan, but is too young.

Bios of all the characters click here:

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