Halo3 Spartan-purple-dual

  • Full Name:Doctor Freddy (Doctor)(Doc in Revelation Chapter 7):
  • Voice Actor: Kim Simpsion
  • Armor Color: Purple
  • Seasons: All Seasons.
  • Status: Alive


Doctor, One of the Green Team Spartans on Green Vs Yellow, Knowned as the Tough, Faithful, Purple Spartan. His Voice in the Video is played by Kim Simpsion.Doctor is Smart and Intelligent. He is best friends with Text and Snake. He joined the Green team in 2790. He usally has an DMR and a Pistol. He Came to Earth on the UNSC ship with Griff, Metal, Donut, Snake, and Text. His name is Doctor because mostly of his help for spartans when there injure. His Childhood remains a secret.

How he joined the Green TeamEdit

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